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Upstate Vibe About Us

Up State Entertainment is a local recording studio located in downtown Ukiah, Ca. We sell original custom merchandise as well as electronic beats at our location. Our studio is nicknamed “For the Family Studio” because this is a family business focused on community growth through arts, entertainment, and music.


Our long term goal is to have a larger indoor event venue designed to facilitate roller skating, musical performances, and many other recreational activities such as dancing, concerts, circus style performances and much more. We are still searching for an adequate space for this to happen. If you are interested in recording your music, purchasing merchandise, or just coming to check out our studio please feel free to contact us.

Studio Time

Ready to get in on some studio time? Use our Online Booking Tool to schedule a day and time to start recording your next hit!


Find, listen to, purchase, and download dope beats for your project, in our marketplace.

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